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Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume V

April 15, 2014

From the foreword by Richard Thomas:

Life is a series of transitions, as we are constantly in a state of flux flowing from one relationship to another, one emotion to another, like a river running downhill, spilling into the ocean free. It has been said that the only constant in life is change and maybe that is true. We hope, we dream, we make plans and yet they are often crushed in a moment, forever damaged or destroyed sometimes leaving behind a new direction, sometimes leaving nothing but a void.

In this issue of Spark: A Creative Anthology we are confronted with cancer and loss, the art of disappearance, heartbreak, entropy, the wanderlust of gypsies, contradiction and chaos, death and decay, fear and anticipation, sacrifice, and the notion that people are the only monsters.


Silk Road Review, Issue 10

Winter/Spring 2013

Silk Road Review: A Literary Crossroads publishes vibrant, well-crafted fiction, essays, poetry, and translations that explore human dynamics and social transformation that occur in a particular place—an Internet chat room, a school in Africa, and American home, or any story-rich location in the world. These works explore diversity, migration, immigration, and diaspora and showcase internationally relevant writing. Join us on the Silk Road, where cultures collide, place is a defining influence, and stories are prized more than gold.


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