Paper Heron Studios

Photo of sun setting through trees at the edge of a small lake
Watch sunsets from the edge of the lake at one of Paper Heron Studio’s writing retreats.

Nestled among the vineyards, orchards, sagebrush desert, canyons, and wetlands of the Yakima Valley, located in sunny central Washington state, Paper Heron Studios provides a variety of writing and artistic services, including:

  • writing workshops, both online and face-to-face
  • writing retreats
  • private coaching
  • prose reviews
  • proofreading
  • graphic design (coming soon)
  • web design (coming soon)

About Me

ProfilePicAfter a lifetime of writing and over twenty years of teaching experience, I retired from my full time university teaching position to start Paper Heron Studios in January 2018.

I wanted to take everything I loved about my full-time job–connecting with students one-on-one or in small groups, designing courses that engage both me and my students, sharing ideas and creative energy, and tinkering with the ways we play and learn and grow–and mold those components into a format over which I could have more control.

In other words, I wanted the focus of my professional life to be on individual human beings, not on an institution or abstract theories.

My work at Paper Heron Studios is a labor of heart, mind, and body. Like any organic entity, I expect it to reflect and respond to its environment; to grow, breathe, and support the creative energy that flows through this corner of the world and Internet.

Wishing you fulfilling work and joy in your writing.

Crystal Bevers, Paper Heron Studios