Recent Publications

I’ve had a couple of publications in the last month:

The first is a memoir piece I wrote for my friend Shannon Kopp’s new online magazine, Soul Paws. The essay is about adoption, grief, and the unexpected ways dogs can heal us. You can read “What Remains” here. I encourage you to poke around Shannon’s site, especially if you love dogs. You might even consider purchasing her book, Pound for Pound.

The second publication contains the results of a project on which I and four other colleagues at my university collaborated about transparent teaching and problem-based learning. You can find it here in the American Association of Colleges and University‘s latest journal issue.

Also, if you’re new to the blog, you may have missed a post I wrote last year in the wake of the Ferguson protests. The devastating events of this week have resurrected this essay, and it’s seeing some significant traffic online. You can read “Race Matters” here.

Happy reading!


One thought on “Recent Publications

  1. Oh, my, how I cried reading this, Crystal. Your writing is exquisite: clear, descriptive, heartfelt. I cried because our older dog, our darling Abby, 14, is getting gradually closer to the endgame. She pees all over the house, can only walk about 25 ft, as her arthritis and heart disease worsen. We love her so much, and as long as she’s still happy–and she clearly is–we are able to delay THE day. I can’t imagine a life without furry children. We are very lucky. Karen

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